RV Friends

About the Team

Tark Henderson
Administration Lead

Systems and Website Development, and Administration since 1980.   Experienced with almost anything on the Internet and many types of specialized communications systems.

Ismeralda Lúa Glacia-Henderson
Assistant Administrator

My husband Tark and I have been associated with Alan’s companies for decades. I take care of the Systems Administration of Aparcado Fóra & help with RV-Friends.org, the Bookkeeping, and more.

Alan K.
Membership Manager - Administrator

Technology and Business Operations, Systems Architect, Engineering, Management, and Consulting. Including 24×7 high demand and mission critical multi-site hosting, email, database, and specialized servers & communications systems for National and International organizations & governments.

Richard K.

Over 40 years experience in system engineering, design, integration, evaluation, test, and implementation of hardware and software in office automation toolsets, embedded computers, business information, war gaming, satellite and terrestrial communications systems, software development, high-speed data processing, automated manufacturing, and real-time hardware in-the-loop simulation/test equipment, and medical system software.

Richard R.
Moderator - Veterans
Craig P.